Brad’s Top 10 College Bowls of 2017

Well the College Football Playoff Committee announced their decisions today and, as far as I can tell, it didn’t bring civilization to an end. There will be some hand wringing about it in Columbus, Ohio for the foreseeable future, but that Iowa loss was just too horrible to forgive. Plus here in 2017, it’s always a safe bet to go with Alabama in these situations. No matter how good or bad the product is on the field, if the record looks good, we all accept that they must be one of the best four teams in the country. Doesn’t matter that they failed to win their division or their conference. Doesn’t matter that the team that defeated them lost three times. Doesn’t matter that they played a terrible schedule. It’s ‘Bama so they get the benefit of the doubt. By the way, don’t be surprised if they end up winning the whole thing.

The CFP Committee is getting all the headlines today, but we have the entire offseason to debate this if we want so I’d prefer to look at some of the great match ups we will be getting. Here are the 10 bowl games I am the most excited to see:

10- Oregon vs Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl: These teams hate each other so much. What the hell else are you gonna do on December 16th? Might as well tune in. Gotta roll with my Mountain West Conference mates in this one. Go Broncos.

9- LSU vs Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl: Two programs with big name recognition and a lot of bragging rights on the line. My guess is that LSU beats the brakes off of the Golden Domers, but you never know how motivated these teams are going to be.

8- UCF vs Auburn in the Peach Bowl: Before they got demolished by Georgia yesterday, a LOT of analysts around the country were calling Auburn college football’s best team. UCF is the only team that went unbeaten wire to wire so I’d love to see them finish out a perfect 14-0 with a victory of a big name SEC program. Also, UCF has a really good player on defense who only has one hand.

T6- Virginia vs Navy in the Military Bowl: Virginia (my wife’s alma mater) makes its first bowl appearance in ages and it’s against another local team that we pay attention to in the Castle household. Wahoo Wa!!

T6- San Diego State vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl: My alma mater is playing the other service academy in a strange bit of symmetry. Why we have a Military Bowl and an Armed Forces Bowl is beyond me. I thought it was the same thing. Also I would like to say that, while I served in the Army, I have never even been to West Point and don’t care about the football team at all. Aztecs Fight!!

5- Penn State vs Washington in the Fiesta Bowl: Penn State matched up with USC for what might have been the best bowl game we saw last year (nod to Clemson-Alabama in that department). I really like the direction this Washington program is headed in under Chris Petersen and think this game will be a lot of fun.

4- Georgia vs Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl: Oklahoma’s offense may be the most unstoppable force in college football this year behind Heisman shoe in Baker Mayfield. Georgia has talent all over the field can really run the ball with two stellar running backs. Very unconventional Rose Bowl pairing, but it should be a barn burner.

3- Ohio State vs. USC in the Cotton Bowl: You probably looked at this match up and assumed it was the Rose Bowl. I know I sure did. Both teams enter the game as 2-loss conference champions that were snubbed by the committee so I expect high effort. Both programs are pretty obnoxious so I don’t really care who wins.

2- Clemson vs Alabama in the Sugar Bowl: Getting this match up in the CFP for the third straight year is awesome. If it measures up to previous editions we’re all in for a treat. I’ll be cheering for Clemson.

1- TBD vs TBD in the National Championship: Duh!