SportsIntel Picks Scoreboard

Back in Week 4 of the NFL season we started doing weekly game picks and then revisiting those selections on the following Tuesday to see how we did. Through some quirks, we haven’t all picked the same number of games, but as you’ll see below our collective accuracy has been very good.

Editor # Right # Wrong Percent
Brad 22 9 70.97%
Danny 17 10 62.96%
Chris 19 12 61.29%
Combined 58 31 65.17%

In case you would like to revisit any of the picks we’ve made, click back through the calendar. Our AARs are published every Tuesday of the NFL season.

Later today we will publish our weekly Thursday Night Football Breakdown where each of the editors gives their unique take on the first prime time game of the upcoming NFL week. This week the NFC South leading New Orleans Saints travel to Atlanta to take on the defending NFC Champion Falcons who are currently sitting outside of the playoff picture. The Saints are favored by 1.5 points, but do the SportsIntel editors think the Saints can win a road game against a desperate division rival?