Brad Castle

I’m a 36-year-old Russia/Ukraine expert living in the DC area who enjoys traveling, learning languages, and telling stories. My love, however, is firmly rooted in sports. Ok, sports and my family. But man I really, really love sports. In the spirit of transparency (everyone’s favorite thing these days), I will let you know that I have a lot of teams: Utah Jazz, San Diego Padres, Team USA Soccer, Bayern Munich, SDSU Aztecs, Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, Real Salt Lake, Team Federer, Team Serena. No, I do not currently have an NFL team because, in the legendary words of Ron Burgundy, “Go #$&@ yourself San Diego.”

Danny Stoker

Life-long Seattle sports fan with fond memories of Payton to Kemp ally-oops, Griffey going yard, and Kennedy’s sack. Football is my sport of choice. I coached for six years and was fortunate to coach a former NFL linebacker and coach with a former NFL Super Bowl winner. Somewhere along the way I developed a fascination with the Middle East and now I live in the other Washington far from home.

Chris Morton

An avid sports fan with odd loyalties, I’m possibly the only Lakers/Packers/Yankees supporter you’ll ever meet. My love for the Lakers and Yankees will certainly draw some scrutiny, but who can hate the team from Titletown? Moving forward, I’m praying LBJ stays the hell out of LA, hoping the Pack can put it all together in another Super Bowl run, and wondering if Aaron Judge is the Bronx Bomber New York needs him to be. More thoughts on this and more, so stay tuned.