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NFL Week 11 Recap: 5 Things I Think

The easy headline from a strange Week 11 is probably the dominance of Minnesota against fellow NFC stalwart Los Angeles, but that wasn’t a particularly interesting game so I don’t feel compelled to write about it. Here are five items I am mulling over on

Alabama and Clemson Should Be Embarrassed

Assembling a 12-game college football schedule is a process that takes years. Generally speaking, teams will play 8 conference games (9 in the Pac-12) and round out the non-conference portion of the schedule with some combination of games against—for example—traditional rivals, in-state programs, friendly programs,

The Sky Cam Gimmick Sucks

As I watch Thursday Night Football, I find myself very irritated by this whole “sky cam” concept. Just because the technology exists to do something, doesn’t mean you should do it. I’m not saying that I’m opposed to every change in the way networks present

Congratulations to Max Scherzer!!

Washington National’s ace Max Scherzer won his second consecutive and third career Cy Young award yesterday, edging out fellow finalists, teammate Stephen Strasburg and Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw. I thought Max would split some votes with Strasburg and that it might cost him the award,

Thursday Night Football Breakdown – Titans @ Steelers

Seattle went on the road last week in their horrific Color Rush uniforms and did a professional job despite losing several players to injury during the game. The SportsIntel editors pretty much called this one, identifying Seattle as the better squad and the match-up as

NFL Week 10 Recap: 5 Things I Think

1- I think the Chargers are still the Chargers and no one can pry defeat from the jaws of victory like them I am really enjoying being unaffiliated this season. Part of it is not having a black cloud hanging over my Sunday because the

The Schedule Loss

First of all, I want to wish a happy 3rd birthday to my darling son Brooks. You’re my best buddy! Now, onto Brad’s whiny soapbox! Somewhere along the line, prime time TV took over, which is really to say that advertising dollars took over. I’ve

NFL Week 9 Recap: 5 Things I Think

1- RIP Marshall Newhouse’s running back career  NFL Week 9 brought us some amazing video. There were some cool choreographed TD celebrations, some hilarious wide receiver meltdowns, and some other strange moments. ICYMI, here are a few to check out. 1-You have to see the