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Predicting the College Football Playoff Rankings

In a couple of hours the College Football Playoff (CFP) selection committee will reveal its rankings for the 2017 CFP. The first unveiling of these rankings comes on the heels of a tumultuous weekend in college football. A previously undefeated Penn State team lost a

Accountability Column: Week 5 College Football Picks

Writing a picks column is not new or innovative. Everybody has an opinion about the games before they happen. As a consumer of sports media, it’s always driven me crazy that no one ever holds these columnists accountable. I am here to set the tone

College Football Week 5

I’ve heard enough about anthem protests. And I don’t want to write about college basketball scandals either. Hockey’s regular season starts on the 5th, so it’s too early for that. Should I do a detailed breakdown of this weekend’s best EPL match featuring first place