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Accountability Column: Week 5 College Football Picks

Writing a picks column is not new or innovative. Everybody has an opinion about the games before they happen. As a consumer of sports media, it’s always driven me crazy that no one ever holds these columnists accountable. I am here to set the tone

Danny Trevathan and the Two Cardinal Rules of Defense

There are two cardinal rules that every player on the defensive side of the football should adhere to. First, see what you hit and second, always play until the whistle blows. These rules apply at every level of football from Pop Warner to the NFL.

Danny Trevathan is not a dirty player. Period.

Bear with me, I’ll explain. As a Packers fan, I’ll admit my initial reaction to watching ‘the hit’ on Devante Adams, especially in slow motion, wasn’t so supportive of the Bears linebacker. In fact, I proceeded to debate his fate with Brad and Danny for

NFL Week 4 Picks

Welcome to the inaugural NFL Picks column on SportsIntel! Our intention is to bring you expert selections every week of the season from here on out. If we didn’t write on your game, feel free to request it! Picks by Danny Detroit at Minnesota The

College Football Week 5

I’ve heard enough about anthem protests. And I don’t want to write about college basketball scandals either. Hockey’s regular season starts on the 5th, so it’s too early for that. Should I do a detailed breakdown of this weekend’s best EPL match featuring first place

National Anthem Protests

I haven’t been eager to address this controversial topic here on SportsIntel, but after things reached a crescendo this weekend (man, I hope that was the peak of the madness), I now find myself compelled to write. I don’t think I have anything groundbreaking to

Quick Thoughts from Thursday Night Football

1- Nike Color Rush™ uniforms have mostly sucked, but this year is off to a decent start. I hate to admit it, but I actually find myself more and more interested in the uniform hype that has crept into sports the last decade or so.

Brady is Great, but not the Greatest

I may be the last man in the world of football who is still not convinced that Tom Brady is the GOAT. I know that this is heresy in New England and could possibly lead to a repeat of Salem Witch trials if I were

Brady or Belichick?

In the run-up to Super Bowl LI much ado was made about which man is more responsible for New England’s nearly two decades of success. A curious debate that probably doesn’t keep Robert Kraft up at night, wasn’t a new conversation at that time. In

2017 NFL Win Total Primer

A word on sports gambling before we get started: I talk to people all the time that are shocked by Vegas prognostications. They might marvel that Vegas thinks a college football is going to win by five touchdowns or they may scoff at the idea