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University of Virginia Men’s Basketball

I mentioned on Monday that I’d held off on writing about UVA men’s hoops this year out of superstition. After they returned to their winning ways on Tuesday night against Miami, I think the appropriate time has arrived. Post-NFL season this year, the 2017-2018 Wahoos

5 Things I Think, 12 February 2018

Brad’s 5 Things Last week I debated what direction to take with my weekly soap box and decided to keep the sort of “weekend recap” feel of things. In homage to the MMQB spirit that inspired 5 Things way back in the early part of

The First Non-NFL Weekend Since Summer

In some ways it’s a little torturous to have a weekend with no real NFL action before the season is even in the books, but the truth is we have to get used to it. We still have next Sunday’s Super Bowl before we truly