GGG v Canelo

Thanks a lot, boxing. We’ve learned not to trust you when your main event involves Floyd Mayweather. This isn’t our first foray into your world. You have told us repeatedly that the best fighter of our era is a phenomenal marketer and a little dude who is good at counter attacks and avoiding getting punched. Mayweather=PPV purchaser beware; got it!

Then you told us about a non-Mayweather megafight that we had to see. Triple G against Canelo! You told us that the guy from the Tecate commercial who is always one-upping Rambo would be fighting a Ukrainian phenom whose name kinda sounds like it might have “gloves” in it.

Unfortunately, last Saturday we were left wanting.

In terms of the action, we got a boxing match by all accounts. Two fighters who actually wanted to fight squared off and traded blows. It offered everything that Mayweather had been teasing us with but never delivering for the last decade and a half. Fight fans bought a fight that was actually a fight (novel concept).

But then boxing went all “boxing” on us.

Neither man could end the fight which left it to the judges to decide and those judges failed spectacularly. Three professional judges watched the same fight with the same guidance on how bouts are scored and gave us a split draw with WILDLY different interpretations of the in-ring action. (Split draw means one scored it for Canelo, one scored it for GGG, and one scored it a tie; nearly unthinkable!!!)

A DRAW, guys. A tie. The Russian word for tie translates most closely to “no one’s.” Germans call it “undecided.” Sports books mostly just had to refund everyone’s money. Did this damn fight even really happen?!!!??!?! Can two people seriously fight each other and leave all the spectators saying “yeah, that was dead even. Nobody won”?

I don’t think we contest sporting events to end things in a tie. “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME” (another sportsintel post for another day, Coach Herm). Anyway . . . history is going to crush the judge whose card was just unjustifiably awful and we’re going to get a rematch of a great fight, but the fundamental issue here is the very same thing that has killed boxing for the American public. The obscene level corruption and/or drama is embarrassing.

Boxing, listen to me: Draws are stupid. Every time we give you our undivided attention, you let us down. Stop wasting your chances. DO BETTER.