Quick Thoughts from Thursday Night Football

1- Nike Color Rush™ uniforms have mostly sucked, but this year is off to a decent start. I hate to admit it, but I actually find myself more and more interested in the uniform hype that has crept into sports the last decade or so.

LIKE IT: College football is doing a good job at schools like Maryland, Oregon, Baylor, etc. (and supposedly uniforms are a big selling point in recruiting)

LOVE IT: MLB has embraced the throwback and I think it’s awesome. (The Padres making everyone wear the brown and yellow at the 2016 All-Star Game made me smile!)

HATE IT: The NBA thought they would add sleeves to boost jersey sales cause fans aren’t gonna wear a tank top (just rip them until you morph into a three point shooter, LeBron).

2- The national broadcast rights for TNF are all over the place this season. Sometimes it’s NBC. Sometimes it’s CBS. And sometimes it’s on NFL Network with an NBC crew. But it’s not Al and Chris (NBC’s A-team for Sunday Nights). Now, I think that Chris Collinsworth sucks, but I hate most of the color analysts out there. Tirico, on the other hand, is a national treasure. And he’s wasting away on NFL network’s garbage Thursday Nighters and Notre Dame football. Can we start a GoFundMe or a petition or something to get him a better job? Sorry, Mike. You deserve better.

3- Remind me why San Francisco’s professional football team plays in Santa Clara. Levi Stadium looks pretty nice, but it’s in another county about 40 miles away and the drive from SF is an hour if you’re lucky. Come to think of it, why is San Francisco’s basketball team called “Golden State?” Geography is hard I guess.

A few more NFL teams that don’t understand geography: Patriots (New England is a vague region of 72k square miles. Just say Boston); Redskins (Landover, Maryland feels more like Delaware than Washington DC); Giants/Jets (the stadium is in East Rutherford, New Jersey); Panthers (Carolina is neither a state nor a city)