Accountability Column: Week 5 College Football Picks

Writing a picks column is not new or innovative. Everybody has an opinion about the games before they happen. As a consumer of sports media, it’s always driven me crazy that no one ever holds these columnists accountable. I am here to set the tone for SportsIntel. We may not always have the time to publish a column about where we were right and where we were wrong, but I promise that it will always be on the table. Want to hold our feet to the fire for a bad pick? Do it! Want to congratulate us for that 5-star selection that you cashed in on at the sports book? Share your winnings with us via PayPal, Venmo, or snail mail!

Seriously though, it’s time to take a peek at last week’s college football picks. Going strictly by the moneyline, SportsIntel went 6-1. The Wazzu upset of USC on Friday night was the only place we went wrong in terms of game outcome. But that doesn’t mean that all the picks were “right.”

Where Brad was right: Weeknights on the road are perilous in college football. USC was riding a lengthy winning streak and it ended Friday night in Pullman, Washington. The last time USC had lost? Also on a Friday. It was 23 September 2016 in Salt Lake City, in fact. Ranked opponent in conference on the road on a weeknight. Sound familiar? I didn’t have the huevos to call for the upset this week, but I did mention that this spot was a tough one.

Where Brad was wrong: Oklahoma State didn’t play angry. Confession: I don’t really like OK State football, but I have a soft spot for Mike Gundy because he’s a man and he used to be forty. (Definitely a top 5 YouTube video for the last 15 years of college football if you have 3 minutes to listen to the entire rant.) Aaaaaaaanyway, OK State barely beat the Red Raiders on Saturday. There will be a lot of people who say that the Cowboy’s dream season died against TCU, but the truth is that it died in Lubbock on Saturday. Mason Rudolph is good, but that team isn’t good enough. Won the game, lost the battle, failed to cover the spread.

Where Brad was right 2: AZTEC FIGHT!!!!! This team is good at winning ugly. How else can you describe what happened in San Diego last Saturday night? When you win the turnover battle by 4 but only win the game by 6 (34-28), you’ve done something poorly. This team is coached VERY conservatively. Rocky Long only knows a few plays on offense and most of them are “dive right” and “dive left.” How the hell do you go into a prevent offense in August? Watch SDSU and you’ll see. On a more positive note, the Aztecs are 5-0 and ranked 19th. They play a cream puff schedule from here on out and have the inside track to a New Year’s 6 bowl. (Phoenix-based readers, whose house can I crash at the night before the Fiesta Bowl?)

Where Brad was wrong 2: I said that Tennessee-Georgia was gonna be good viewing. Any football game that ends 41-0 is, by default, not good viewing. The SEC kinda sucks this year, guys. Outside of Athens, GA and the state of Alabama, there are no teams worth paying attention to in this conference. Rocky Top sucks, their coach is a goner, and the SEC East title is squarely between the hedges.

This week’s selections will be out on Thursday so if there are college games this week that you want me to pick, please let me know!