NFL Week Four After Action Report (AAR)

After reading Brad’s accountability column for his week 5 college football picks (if you haven’t read either of them, you should), we got together and decided we’d dress the format up a bit. So with that in mind, welcome to the After Action Report or AAR. Some of you may be familiar with the term, the rest, hopefully you’ll come to know it well!

Picks by Danny

Detroit Lions v. Minnesota Vikings

Danny was right: Detroit 14, Minnesota 7. Like everyone else in the NFL I don’t have faith in Case Keenum, even with Minnesota’s defense playing at home. It doesn’t help that they lost Dalvin Cook. The Detroit defense continues to play well and Detroit looks like legitimate contenders in the NFC North.

Pittsburgh Steelers v. Baltimore Ravens

Right again: Pittsburgh 26, Baltimore 9. This one is debatable, I thought Baltimore’s home field would make this a much closer game than it was. Joe Flacco continues to struggle and Pittsburgh is proving to be the class of an extremely weak division.

Denver Broncos v. Oakland Raiders

For the sweep: Denver 16, Oakland 10. Does anyone doubt the Denver defense? At this point it is looking incredibly scary and I know its early but defense travels well, particularly in December and January. With Carr out 4-6 weeks, the Raiders may be done.

Picks by Brad

New Orleans Saints v. Miami Dolphins

Brad was right: New Orleans 20, Miami 0. Not much to be said about this one. London seems to be the regular recipient of ugly football games and this one was no different. 3-0 at half time; 20-0 when the dust settled. If the Saints defense is actually better, that NFC South race is gonna be a lot of fun. Speaking of the NFC South, don’t be too surprised if Tampa ambushes the fading Patriots on Thursday night.

Philadelphia Eagles v. The Unmentionables

Brad was wrong-ish: Philadelphia 26, Opponent 24. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Houston Texans v. Tennessee Titans

Brad was right  Houston 1,382, Tennessee 14. Okay, maybe the Texans didn’t score a thousand points on Sunday, but it kinda felt like they did. Seattle produced a blueprint for undressing that Titans secondary and Deshaun is obviously a good student. Forget about that Week 1 game against Jacksonville. Houston and KC (who play on SNF this week coincidentally) are the class of the entire league.

Picks by Chris

Green Bay Packers v. Chicago Bears

For the Thursday night matchup, I gave the Bears a fighter’s chance but called the game in favor of the Packers, 24-14. I thought we might have had a game if Glennon was able to improve upon his 101 yard performance against the Steelers, but 218 yards and two interceptions isn’t much of an improvement. Not on the road. Not in Lambeau. While some might give credit to the Packers secondary, realistically Glennon just isn’t a good quarterback, he isn’t even an average quarterback. His inability to threaten the field allowed Dom Capers to load the box against Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, and Glennon’s four turnovers repeatedly gave Aaron Rodgers a short field. Despite netting a convincing win over the Bears, the Packers continue to struggle with injuries in the early half of this season and this game was no exception. Ty Montgomery, Jamaal Williams, and Davante Adams all left the game early due to injury. If you haven’t heard about Adams’ scare on Thursday night, you can read our take here and here.

Result: Packers 35, Bears 14.

Los Angeles Rams v. Dallas Cowboys

I called this one 28-21 in favor of the Rams, and with 121 rushing yards and 94 receiving yards on the day, Todd Gurley more than backed up my analysis from last week. He demonstrated his dual threat potential, and put his team on his back when they needed yards. While not a stellar performance from Jared Goff, the sophomore quarterback continued to show poise at the helm and kept the Rams offense moving up the field. Struggles in the red zone meant kicker Greg Zuerlein had the opportunity to have a perfect 7 for 7 day, still the Rams shouldn’t be satisfied with settling for so many field goals. In addition to their red zone problems, the Rams need to improve on third down as they struggled to convert on these key downs throughout the contest. On the flip side, Ezekiel Elliot pulled his weight against Los Angeles with a pair of touchdowns, while a surprise 70 yard gallop from Alfred Morris exposed some mistakes made by the Rams defense. Dak Prescott also rebounded well from his poor play the previous week in Denver, but a late interception in the fourth quarter and a failed two-point conversion were rare mistakes at crucial moments. On paper the stats all read just fine for Dallas, which means the Cowboys probably should have won this game, but sometimes, it’s about who shows up in the final minutes of the fourth.

Result: Rams 35, Cowboys 30.

Kansas City Chiefs v. Washington Redskins

Last week, I thought the Chiefs would win this battle in the neighborhood of 31-21, but honestly, this Monday night match up was much closer than the final numbers suggest. The Chief’s fell behind early and moved away from their run game for most of the first quarter, but Kareem Hunt was eventually given his opportunity and he capitalized. He picked up another 100 yard rushing game and continues to play at a high-level. Kirk Cousins and the Redskins had several opportunities to win this thing in the fourth quarter, but they were unable to convert when the chips were down. Big plays, and the lack thereof, were the story of this game. Josh Doctson failed to maintain control of a touchdown pass in the end zone for the Redskins, and Albert Wilson made an amazing grab along the sidelines for the Chiefs with less than a minute to go in the fourth. In classic fashion a field goal and a desperate play from the Redskins, the Chiefs were able to hold onto their perfect start.

Result: Chiefs 29, Redskins 20.