NFL: Five Players to Watch in Week Five

Mitch Trubisky

This is a bit of a no-brainer. The Bears paid Mike Glennon a steep price only to start the season with one subpar performance after another. Well, John Fox and company have finally had enough and announced Trubisky as the starter heading into Week 5. This is a big, but predictable move for the Bears considering the price for Mitchell Trubisky also wasn’t cheap. They gave away several draft picks to move up one spot overall to select the unproven quarterback out of UNC, but if the Bears want to improve on the field, they are going to need some offensive output from their QB. Playing a rookie is far from a sure thing, but Trubisky is a better talent than Glennon, and he did look competent in the few preseason snaps we’ve seen. Will he find success like Deshaun Watson or struggle like DeShone Kizer?

We’re about to find out.

Bilal Powell

Bilal Powell had a heck of a day last Sunday. Things just seem to go right for the guy when he’s filling in for the aging Matt Forte. Odd things, but things nonetheless. And with a Cleveland Browns matchup in Week 5, Strange Things are exactly what can be expected on the field this Sunday. Still, I’m curious to see if Powell’s 75 yard run was as flukey as many believe, or if he really can replicate his 2016 form in Forte’s absence. And as an added bonus I get to watch a guy named John Morton (no relation) win with a team that was supposed to be tanking this season…

Aaron Jones

Injuries, injuries, injuries. Many teams are struggling with them, but the Packers seem particularly afflicted despite being 3-1. Ty Montgomery has dealt with a few aches and pains this season already, and I think it unlikely he will play despite his optimism. Jamaal Williams the second-string running back is also questionable while dealing with a bum knee, which leaves us with Aaron Jones. The rookie out of UTEP took advantage of his limited opportunities against the Bears and looks to have earned himself some snaps if Montgomery or Williams are going to miss more time. Personally, I believe the Packers need to find a ground game if they have a chance at winning come playoff time and I’m willing to check under any and all rocks for the guy who will provide it.

Besides, the name Aaron carries a good reputation in Green Bay.

Cooper Kupp

Brad and Danny will tell you I’m a huge fan of Cooper Kupp. I’ll tell you, you should be too. This guy’s numbers in college were absolutely insane, and he’s shown an ability to carry over that success to the NFL. With the Rams set to play the Seahawks in Week 5, Jared Goff is going to need Cooper Kupp firing on all cylinders to put points on the board. That slot position becomes that much more important in this match up, as Seattle has been known to take away the deep ball but give up yards to the man underneath. I think Cooper is up for the challenge and I think it’s going to be a damn good show.

Doug Martin

Despite their record, the Buccaneers have looked out of sync, especially on offense, and I’m thinking more yards in the ground game will do these landlubbers good. That was corny as hell but accurate. The Bucs have not run the ball particularly well so far this season and Martin provides a much-needed change of pace in that regard. His success means opening up the play-action playbook a bit more and will make their passing game that much more effective. That’s kind of a scary thought considering they have Mike Evans. For me, the Bucs season could very well hinge on Doug Martin and his return to the field.