NFL Week Five After Action Report (AAR)

Brad’s Picks

Brad was wrong (but a little bit right). New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As predicted, New England had their worst offensive output of the year and was ripe for the picking. You might look at the 14 points allowed and think the Pats got the defense fixed, but they didn’t. Tampa can’t kick field goals or hit wide open receivers and ultimately showed us that they are not ready to take the next step. Much like his time at Florida State, Famous Jameis can’t play four good quarters because he lacks maturity and consistency. I know he’s only 23, but he has now made 36 starts in the NFL.

Brad was wrong. New York Jets at Cleveland Browns.

Never bet on the Browns. Not ever ever ever. For a brief moment when Hogan came into the game for Kizer it kinda looked like they might get it together. Number one overall draft pick Myles Garrett finally got on the field and recorded two sacks! But it’s still Cleveland football and they are now in a race with the Giants and 49ers for the top draft pick. Speaking of my boy, Brian Hoyer and the Santa Clara professional football team . . .

Brad was wrong some more. San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts needed overtime to beat the 49ers so in terms of the game itself, I don’t feel too bad about this prediction. The travesty here is that I failed to do my homework which would have definitely uncovered the #1 rule in all of sports gambling: NEVER BET AGAINST THE COLTS ON THE DAY THEY UNVEIL THE PEYTON MANNING LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT STATUE AT LUCAS OIL STADIUM. I’m pretty embarrassed about this one, so let’s just move on.

Brad was right. Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams.

I admit that the Rams are better than I thought and Seattle still has some issues, but this was a definitive statement game from the Seahawks: “It’s still our division and you’ll have to kill us in order to change that.” Honestly, if Gurley goes in for the early touchdown instead of fumbling that thing out of bounds into the endzone we’re probably talking about an LA win in which they killed the Seahawks and took over the NFC West.

Week Five Accuracy: 1-3

Overall Accuracy: 4-3


Danny’s Picks

Danny was wrong. Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions. 

Even though Cam Newton and the Panthers went into Foxborough and upset the Pats the previous week, I wasn’t quite ready to believe that 2015 wasn’t an aberration. The Panthers appear to be real, Cam Newton has returned to form. If the Panthers stay healthy they will be a threat come January.

Danny was wrong. Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders. 

For some inexplicable reason I expected EJ Manuel to look like he belonged under center, but that didn’t happen. I’m still not a believer in Joe Flacco and I don’t expect Baltimore to make a run this year, but who knows with Big Ben in Pittsburgh looking washed up the last couple of weeks.

Danny was wrong. Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys. It should be panic time in Dallas. Stopping Aaron Rodgers isn’t easy, but giving up back to back fourth quarter leads at home is serious cause for concern. I trusted that Dak and co. would be able to take advantage of a beat up Packers squad and right the ship, but this team seems to be lacking the mental toughness to put away teams.

Week Five Accuracy: 0-3 (This is why I don’t gamble folks!)

Overall Accuracy: 3-3


Chris’s Picks

Chris was right-ish. Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals.

I started the weekend off right by calling this match-up in favor of the Bengals, but it didn’t quite happen the way I had envisioned it. A healthy AJ Green is as good as it gets in this league and we saw that on Sunday, but we also saw him fumble the football and inadvertently create two interceptions for the opposing defense. With a stat line from another planet, Green netted 189 receiving yards on just seven receptions, but I’m glad he’s not happy with the performance. The Bills were strong on defense and my man Micah Hyde (former Packer) played exceptionally, but Tyrod Taylor and the offense regressed this week and that’s the only reason they lost.  The Bengals still need to figure ‘it’ out, and the Bills still have a shot if they can get their offense in sync.

Chris was wrong. Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears.

Hopefully, this won’t be a recurring theme in the weeks to come. I firmly believe Mitch Trubisky has the talent and quarterback IQ to play in this league, but he committed some rookie mistakes which led to turnovers and he’ll have to learn from them. All things considered, I do believe he played well against a tough defense during primetime football. Jordan Howard is still favoring his shoulder, Tarik Cohen seems to have lost the pep in his step, and I’ll admit the Vikings played the pair of them well. Unfortunately, while I still believe Mitch Trubisky can be the guy Chicago needs, I’m afraid they’re going to need better production from the receiving corps before we see the truth of that. Kendall Wright and company let me down this week, and they need to improve.

Kudos to Case Keenum for not making any mistakes and grabbing the victory without Stefon Diggs at 100 percent, and hats off to Jerick McKinnon for an outstanding if unexpected performance, in Dalvin Cook’s stead.

Chris was right. Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans.

Alex Smith proved me right, but so did Deshaun Watson. Smith continues to be exceptionally efficient and Watson kept fighting until the final whistle. I thought the key to this game was Kansas City preventing the big plays and for the most part they did, but Watson was still able to make things happen against a very tough defense. Kareem Hunt also continues to find success running the football and against a solid Houston defense – that’s no mean feat. Unfortunately for the Texans, JJ Watt is out after an injury to his knee. It’s heartbreaking to see such a good person suffer another season-ending injury but I’ll remain optimistic for his boys as they look to return to the playoffs.

Week Five Accuracy: 2-1

Overall Accuracy: 5-1