NFL Week Six After Action Report (AAR)

Another week of NFL action in the books and another round of AARs to keep us honest! Predictions were shared and mistakes were made this weekend as we all dropped at least one for the second straight week. Stranger Things were happening on the field on Sunday, and Anthony Barr certainly proved to be a demogorgon for the Packers, my team might just be out of the playoffs! Thanks, Brad!

Brad’s Picks

Brad was right the wrong way.

As predicted, the stupid lightning bolt team beat the Raiders but Carr did play. Oakland was a trendy Super Bowl pick before the season began and even got out to a 2-0 start. One month later they’re sitting at 2-4 in a tough division. (Amazingly, only one AFC West team won this week, but it’s still a strong division.) Anyway, you can write the Raiders off entirely because there is no way they are making the playoffs at this point. Should have taken the under!

Brad was wrong, but only because Aaron Rodgers doesn’t drink enough milk.

I was wrong on the outcome of this game, but more importantly than that, me putting the hex on my wife’s team was WRONG. My official apology can be found here, but I feel like I might be paying penance for this for a long time. As for the game, Case Keenum showed that he is a reliable backup, which is an underrated asset. The Minny defense continues to impress and with Detroit losing a shootout to the Saints, the division suddenly looks wide open. Get well soon, A-Rod.

Brad was right, but only because the Flyin’ Hawaiian played.

The Monday nighter wasn’t that entertaining, but I enjoyed being right about my pick. Mariota played and Luck didn’t so it’s not like this was a shock. In fact as soon as it was revealed that “8” would suit up for Tennessee, bookmakers made them a 7 point favorite at home. The Colts have no identity and are actually kinda tough to watch. Other than a Week 1 massacre against the Rams, Indy has been in every game, but there is just nothing compelling about the way they play. Kind of a strange phenomenon.

Week Six Accuracy: 2-1

Overall Accuracy: 6-4


Danny’s Picks

Danny was wrong. Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs.

I did not see this coming and unfortunately I was not able to watch this game, but the Steelers proved they can still play defense. James Harrison continues to defy his age and make plays and Le’veon Bell was the best player on the field. Ben Rothlisberger did little to inspire faith that he is going to turn his season around. In a wide-open NFL, I see no reason to worry about the Chiefs yet.

Danny was right. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals.

Adrian Peterson proved to be a better fit in Phoenix than he was in New Orleans. Carson Palmer completed his first 14 passes and the Cardinals got off to a hot start and held on for the win. I don’t know which is more impressive to me, the Cardinals’ win or the Bucs putting up 33 points in the second half on the Cards defense.

Danny was wrong. Los Angeles Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars.

I still don’t know how I feel about the Rams. Jared Goff didn’t make mistakes and Todd Gurley had another great day, but a kick off return for a touchdown and a blocked punt return for a touchdown seem fluky. Jacksonville is an improved team, but they still manage to lose in confounding ways. They out gained the Rams by 140 yds, held an advantage in time of possession and first downs and still managed to lose by ten. At the end of the day, good teams find ways to win even when they shouldn’t and that was the difference between the Jags and the Rams on Sunday.

Week Six Accuracy: 1-2

Overall Accuracy: 4-5


Chris’s Picks

Chris was right-ish. Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers.

The Eagles won. Carson Wentz was the better quarterback. And turnovers killed the Panthers (and Cam Newton). But it was much closer than I had anticipated, and a half-decent Cam Newton would have won the game. He was throwing high most of the night and might have thrown another interception if not for a pass interference call. Throwing well against the Patriots atrocious secondary and against the Lions 24th ranked pass defense isn’t exactly emblematic of quality quarterbacking, and the Eagles exposed that this week. I don’t really care about Newton’s yards in the run game, a quarterback needs to be efficient through the air and I don’t feel like Cam is consistent enough as a passer. Now, Danny and I disagree as to whether or not Luke Kuechly going out of the game was the deciding factor considering how close a score line it really was, but since it was my pick, I’m right. Sorry, Danny. Still, the game didn’t play out quite as I had expected, but I feel I got enough of it right to call this one a win.

Chris was wrong. Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons.

Did Julio Jones swap jerseys with Jarvis Landry? Probably not, but somehow the Dolphins won this one. It looks like Adam Gase might have finally adopted a winning strategy, the same one Jacksonville has been showing off to great effect. Let’s play great defense, and let our dominant running back pound the opposing team into submission. For some odd reason the Dolphins have been avoiding giving Jay Ajayi twenty-five to thirty touches a game, and yet their winning formula from 2016 called for just that. This kind of rushing production is what’s going to allow Jay Cutler to pass for 151 yards and still win a football game. And it certainly didn’t hurt that his defense was able to limit the explosive Falcons offense while making key stops late in the game. With that said, it should be noted the Falcons did little to help themselves by committing several costly penalties at key stages of the game. This win was an anomaly, make no mistake.

Chris was right-ish. Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints.

The Saints won, and so did I, but this certainly wasn’t the battle I was expecting to see. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara had their way with the Saints defense, but Drew Brees threw two uncharacteristic picks. Admittedly, Brees wasn’t asked to do too much for most of the game, which is reflected in his stat line but it leaves the two interceptions looking particularly painful when viewed side by side with his paltry 186 yards of passing offense. Looking at the scores you would have thought it was your typical Brees versus opponent shootout. The Saints led big for most of the game, but like the Lions are want to do, they came back roaring in the fourth to close the gap quite a bit. I’ll claim the win here, but the Saints didn’t win through the air as I had anticipated.

Week Six Accuracy: 2-1

Overall Accuracy: 7-2