Morton on Morton Crime in Los Angeles

Well that just happened. My heartwarming little yarn about a boy and his two favorite teams turned into a tragedy within 24 hours, and a fellow Morton (no relation as far as I know) is partially to blame.

The Houston Astros have won the World Series and the Dodgers are left despondent and destitute until March. In the game seven decider, the Astros jumped out to an early lead over Dodger pitcher Yu Darvish who, not 24 hours earlier, had been gifted my childhood good karma in hopes he would rebound like his bullpen brother, Kenley Jansen, and now I’m left scratching my head after another abysmal performance.

The stage was set for Darvish, an international ace from Japan, who suffered a disappointing defeat just a few days earlier, to play the game of his life and put the Dodgers in position to win the title for the first time in 29 years. Heading into game six, the Dodgers focus was to force game seven in the hopes that Darvish would find his 2014 form as the American League (AL) Cy Young Award runner-up, and he praised his teammates for giving him another shot at the Astros. The story even includes a nemesis for Darvish, Yuli Guriel, the Astros’ controversial first basemen guilty of cultural insensitivity at the very least, and outright racism if you’re more inclined to point fingers. Darvish’s quest for redemption was short-lived, however, as he gave up five runs in just 1 and 2/3 innings to the delight of many an Astros fan.

Meanwhile, the voices of Dodger fans around the world joined the tortured cries of Yankees supporters everywhere, as Charlie Morton ripped out our hearts one after another. That’s right, our purgatory is something similar to the Temple of Doom in Indiana Jones, except the big bad priest is a guy named Charlie freakin’ Morton and when he rips out our heart we discover it was actually a baseball, which is obviously symbolic for our love of the game, duh.

Tomorrow, instead of reveling in my team’s victory and calling my father joyous at the Dodgers long-awaited success, I will be receiving messages from the suddenly new Astros fans in my life, wondering where they were to be found in 2016. I’ll spare you further details, part of losing is smiling mechanically while you’re assailed by fair-weather fans who’ve spent the majority of the season unaware their team is even in contention. The other part is listening to soccer guy, have you met soccer guy? If not, you will. Baseball is over. Welcome to ‘footie’ season.

My Last Words
Yu Darvish is a good pitcher, but sometimes the moment is too big for one man to handle. The Dodgers have been firing on all cylinders lately, but tonight the tank ran dry on offense as well. Thank you for the run and I look forward to next year.