NFL Week 10 Recap: 5 Things I Think

1- I think the Chargers are still the Chargers and no one can pry defeat from the jaws of victory like them

I am really enjoying being unaffiliated this season. Part of it is not having a black cloud hanging over my Sunday because the Chargers are uniquely capable of ruining a fan’s weekend, but the thing I am really enjoying is basking in their misery. The truth is that the team is actually a decent one. The way Broncos and Raiders have cratered, the Bolts ought to be vying for a playoff spot in the woeful AFC. The Chargers left San Diego and changed their name, but they’re still very much the same shitty organization that they’ve been. They find amazing ways to lose games, but that’s not new. It’s just getting more run because they’re in a bigger market now. Anyway, I openly admit that I love to hate this team, but I feel for Rivers who is in the concussion protocol and may not be able to play next week. Go f#$# yourself, Chargers.

2- I think Burfict is an idiot, but that wasn’t fair

Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict was a victim of his reputation on Sunday and it contributed to yet another loss for his team. He was ejected from the game against Tennessee for “making contact with a referee,” but I don’t think he deserved it. Cincy is melting down and there is no guarantee they’d have won this game, but the former USC Trojan should have been allowed to finish the game. The NFL and its referees need to get this figured out because there is no identifiable standard. Look at the brawls last week where Mike Evans and AJ Green did FAR worse and were allowed to continue. I get that you can’t have players intimidating refs and Burfict should have exercised more restraint, but it’s an emotional game and that interaction simply did not warrant an ejection. This boiled down to reputation and there are even reports that officials have antagonized Burfict.

3- I think we’re headed for a wild finish in the NFC

10 of the 16 teams in the NFC have a winning record right now and I think there is a playoff case to be made for the 4-5 Redskins too. Dallas could have shoveled some dirt on the cursed Atlanta Falcons yesterday but without Tyron Smith they couldn’t protect Dak and the offense was awful. Chris wrote the obituary for last year’s Super Bowl runner up back in Week 7, but I think there is still some life left. When they play on that fast track at home, Sarkisian’s play calling is the only thing that can stop them. You saw my bracket; I don’t expect Atlanta to make the playoffs, but if we have learned anything from the NFL it’s that there are plenty of twists and turns left in the remaining seven weeks of action.

4- I think we need to make celebrating great again

When the No Fun League announced in the offseason that it would allow more TD celebrations this season, I thought we were in for a treat. I imagined a renaissance as the players emerged from the Dark Ages of touchdown dancing to show us all the things we’ve been missing since Joe Horn, Ocho Cinco, and TO showed us how to put the punctuation on a score. But what do we get this season? Kid’s games. Duck, duck, goose; hide and seek; leap frog; sack race; the list is long and it’s not all that innovative. I don’t hate these celebrations, but I feel like we’re getting shortchanged. I mean you guys clearly decided to choreograph your dance at some point during the week, but is it too much to ask that you think outside the box? Do something interesting, guys. Please.

5- I think Philly won by sitting out this week

The Rams, Vikings, and Saints scored quality wins this week. They are in the driver’s seat in their respective divisions and have separated themselves from the pack. As I mentioned, the NFC is headed for a fun finish, but I feel like the team that really won this week was the 8-1 Iggles. You can’t control your bye week, but it came at a perfect time for Philadelphia. Totally rested, they head into a showdown with a Cowboy team that has no idea how to proceed without Zeke and is unable to protect its QB. Beyond the divisional matchup with Dallas, Philly has some tough road trips coming up, but they’re as prepared as one could hope for. If they can split games at Seattle and LA, they will be in prime position to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Much respect to Doug Pederson and the only one-loss team in the NFL.