NFL Week 12 Recap: 5 Things I Think

1- WRs fighting DBs is making a push for a weekly spot on 5 Things I Think

A few weeks ago we featured WRs losing their minds on the field and I’m happy to say that it happened again yesterday. Michael Crabtree of the Oakland Raiders came into Sunday’s division rivalry match against Denver with every intention of fighting Aqib Talib and it didn’t take long at all. Stemming from an incident last season in which Talib ripped a gold chain off the neck of Crabtree, the Raiders wideout was out for revenge and Talib was happy to indulge him. The funniest part is that the Denver defensive back was able to rip another gold chain off Crabtree’s neck. Both players were ejected in the scuffle along with another Raiders player who made contact with a referee. The AFC West, ladies and gentlemen!

2- Someone should have ejected the ref for this call

We have a new worst call in NFL history after Buffalo defensive back EJ Gaines was whistled for a personal foul on a play where he may not have actually contacted the offensive player. The NFL has made it tough to find any video, but below is a tweet that shows how egregious the call was. I get that we’re all obsessed with player safety and legislating illegal hits out of the game, but it’s getting impossible for the officials to do their job.

3- Carolina keeps winning even though their QB sucks at throwing passes

Cam completed just 11 of his 28 pass attempts on his way to posting a sub-60 QBR for the day. Fortunately for the Panthers they ran the ball well and got big plays from their special teams and defense. This isn’t a new problem for Newton who is a career 59% passer, but his constant inability to convert on third down has to be a major concern for coach Ron Rivera. One of these days Danny or Chris will write a column detailing the passing game struggles of the one-time NFL MVP.

4- Denver wishes they were suffering from Carolina’s QB issues after the mess Elway has made

While the aforementioned Panthers are sitting at 8-3 wishing their QB was better, Denver is 3-8 and giving Buffalo a run for its money in the bad QB play department. Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch. Yuck. Siemian actually played pretty well in relief after the human-scarecrow Lynch sustained an ankle injury, but the fact that Siemian had to be benched just makes it more disturbing. I won’t go into the mechanics of it, but there is a stigma that QBs taller than 6’6 are not capable of a throwing motion compact enough to succeed in the NFL. This stigma is supported by years of anecdotal evidence and has become a talking point in the failures of highly touted prospects like Dan McGwire, and JaMarcus Russell. The fact that the two tallest QBs in the NFL (Lynch and Osweiler are both 6’7) are on this roster is probably not a good thing.

5- The SportsIntel jinx strikes again!

My sincerest apologies to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last week I wrote that they are the best team in the state of Florida this year which immediately put the whammy on them. Losing to mediocre teams like Arizona led by mediocre QBs like Blaine Gabbert (drafted 10th overall by the Jags not that long ago) is not something good teams make a habit of. Tennessee pulled out a tough win at Indy putting pressure on the Jags in the race for the AFC South. Jacksonville will be favored in 3 of its next 4 games so the sky isn’t exactly falling, but the margin of error is evaporating for Bortles and the gang. I promise not to say anything nice about you again, Jags.