The First Non-NFL Weekend Since Summer, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about strategies for dealing with the lack of football this weekend and included a glimpse into my own personal plan. Because some of the items covered took place today, I figured it would be only fair to follow up on how things have gone. I hate being left hanging as much as anyone!


Despite my best intentions, I did not make it out of bed and in front of my TV for this one, but I did pull up a stream on my phone and was lucky enough to see history. Federer took down Cilic in five sets to win his 20th Grand Slam and move four titles clear of Nadal for the all-time lead. I mentioned yesterday that Roger is old for tennis, but he’s going to be 37 this summer which means he is old for almost any sport. He had knee surgery following his semi-final exit from the 2016 Aussie Open and any reasonable person could have assumed he was done winning Grand Slams, but, less than a year removed from said surgery, he won the 2017 Aussie and followed it up with his 8th career Wimbledon victory last summer. I don’t know when this is all going to end, but there are two things I know for sure: 1- For the rest of Fed’s career, I will never be too lazy to watch him play in a Grand Slam final again, and 2- When Roger officially hangs it up, I will be asking my buddy Ben, the biggest Fed fan I know, to write a congratulatory column as a special guest of SportsIntel. For your enjoyment, check out Roger’s acting chops in this SportsCenter commercial (one of my all-time favorites):

Bonus Federer Joke!


The Farmer’s Insurance Open is still in a sudden death playoff as I type (postponed until tomorrow due to darkness), but Tiger has finished his round. He shot a 72 on Sunday to finish the tournament at (-3), a result he has already said he’s happy with. Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA is breathtaking and a course Tiger has played quite successfully throughout his career. The way it’s going he will end up just outside the top 20, but he was out there on Sunday wearing his red shirt and that is a win for golf itself. I have never really liked Tiger, but I recognize that he is the most important player in the last 20 years and one of the most important figures in all of golf history. Buckle up because, if he can stay in the mix over the next 4-5 months, we are in for some epic stuff.

NFL ProBowl

For the first time I can remember, I watched ZERO seconds of the Pro Bowl, but it sounds like it was a terrific game. The NFC (three point favorite) was up 20-3 at half time then came apart completely and lost the game 24-23. I haven’t been on twitter yet, but I imagine the Atlanta Falcons players on the team are the brunt of all the jokes about collapsing in the second half. I bet Matt Ryan is so glad he didn’t play in that game today. This final scoreline is a typical NFL troll job though. Whether the game was compelling or absolutely awful, it appeared to be close so the league can tell us “these players care about winning.” Sure they do . . .

Anyway the MVPs were Titans TE Delanie Walker on offense and Broncos LB Von Miller. I’m sure that’s already been added to the top of their career accomplishments on Wikipedia.

NHL All Star Game

I wish I would have predicted that McDavid would win the title of fastest skater and Ovi would win the title of fastest shot because I’d look pretty smart today. The NHL Skills Competition had some fun moments, but, like every other skills competition, they really drag it out so recording it was the right call.

The game today was just okay. I realized during the Metropolitan vs. Atlantic part of the tournament that I loathe Crosby too much to appreciate watching him skate with my boy Ovechkin (which is my problem, not the NHL’s). The two rivals both scored a goal assisted by the other—something I have been told by another Caps fan must have been scripted—but they lost and were eliminated. The 3 on 3 was kinda fun, but anytime you are in an exhibition-type setting, it’s just not the same as watching real competition. Congratulations to the Pacific division for winning. Whatever . . .

7 days till the Super Bowl, kids. We’re gonna be okay.